Protocol audits

I have a proven track record of submitting valid high and medium findings at Code4rena, Sherlock, and Hackerone, individually, as well as in a team. In addition to that, I was conducting several Web3 protocol audits while working at Informal Systems. Need a proof? DM.

Given my expertise, I am flexible to help you with a range of activities along the stack/confidence axes:


  • Consensus, e.g., Tendermint/CometBFT
  • Interchain communication, e.g, bridges and IBC
  • Smart contracts and dApps, e.g., Solidity, Cosmwasm, Cosmos SDK


  • Manual code review
  • Fuzzing, e.g., using Medusa
  • Protocol specification and analysis, e.g., in TLA+
  • Model checking, e.g., using TLC and Apalache
  • Math proofs

If you think that your project is too big for one person, or you are short on time, I am connected to a network of researchers, including my former peers.